People in the CDA
Many people are involved in the heart of the CDA's day-to-day operations. These include faculty who teach classes and perform research, the staff who serve as resources and maintain the labs and infrastructure, and the 300-plus students that use the facilities for classes, research, and creative work. Here are resumés of some of them.
Faculty Staff
Robert Abel Robin Liggett Peter Bogdanoff
Rebecca Allen Cameron McNall Etsu Garfias
John Bishop Marcos Novak Maroun Harb
Roger Bourland Bill Seaman Daniel Nguyen
Kwame Braun Jennifer Steinkamp Daniel Tran
Bill Brown Gail Swanlund Paul Phillabaum
Scott Fisher Kostas Terzidis Scott Gruber
Mitsuru Kataoka Victoria Vesna Ann Kaneko
Courtney Lane Robert Winter
George Legrady Jody Zellen