TRACING (1998)

A Two-Screen Interactive Installation.

Motion sensor detectors, Redfinger sensor system, 2 computers, 2 projectors, 4-track sound system.

Kunst und AustellungHalle der BundesRepublik, Bonn, Germany.

The installation consists of a wall/screen separating a museum space in half. Image/texts and sounds are continuously projected on both sides of the wall/screen. The contents are interactively determined by the audience's movement and position within the front section of the room. The audience's positions control speed, focus, selection of sounds and topics - text descriptions of everyday stituations, systems, issues of technology keywords collected in CA and Germany between 1994-1997.

On the back screen, a projected blurred letter is explored with the mouse or "retraced" to extrude in-focus words and video segments describing a different sense of space (video footage was collected in Eastern and Central Europe in the early 1990s). The back room's contents are also determined by the audience activities and locations in the front room through infrared communication between the two computers.

Slippery Traces (1996)

Slippery Traces: The Postcard Trail is an interactive narrative consisting of 240 interconnected postcards that are classified according to literal and metaphoric properties defined in a database. Users construct the viewing sequence by clicking the mouse in an area of interest in the current image on the screen. These choices are stored in computer memory and their constantly updated and adjusted outcome determine the selection process by which the images are sequenced. Artintact 3, CD-ROM published by ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.
ISBN 3-89322-861-6
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[the clearing] (1994)

[the clearing] focuses on the representation of the Bosnian conflict in the American print news media. Viewers explore the surface of a moving hunting photograph to scan a range of topics on Bosnia that describe diverse points of views, color coded to identity the various perspectives.

at PostmastersGallery, NY

An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War (1994)

An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War is an interactive CD-ROM and installation project that contrasts personal and official narratives of the Stalin Era. Stories, objects and home movies from my collection have been grouped into sixty stories and arranged thematically in the original floor plan of the former Workers' Movement museum in Budapest. CD-ROM published by HyperReal Media Productions.

"NewVoice, New Visions" Voyager Co
Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles